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Individuals Exploring Health Careers

PA AHEC provides information on health careers, education programs, and options to afford and plan for a career in health care.

Explore a variety of health careers through PA AHEC’s virtual SEARCH Academy

Learn about the health professional education programs in Pennsylvania

Understand how you can afford your health professional education and training through scholarships, loans, and loan forgiveness programs

Ask us to help you plan for a career in health care


Students Pursuing Health Careers

The PA AHEC Scholars Program provides service learning about rural and vulnerable populations. PA AHEC also connects students to clinical training opportunities.

Enrich your health professions education by putting learning into action with rural and vulnerable populations in the PA AHEC Scholars Program

Scholars Speaker Series lets you connect with professionals leading programs serving rural and vulnerable populations

The PA AHEC Primary Care Ambassador Program helps disadvantaged college students build their clinical experiences, connections, and confidence to apply to medical school and pursue primary care.

For rural and educationally and economically disadvantaged students who need a boost in becoming a physician.

Be trained as a patient navigator/community health worker, work in nearby clinics, and receive mentoring and other support throughout the undergraduate years.

All Students: Connect to clinical training opportunities in rural and underserved Pennsylvania through PA AHEC.


Community Health Workers

PA AHEC’s state-accredited CHW training program and CHW continuing education prepare CHWs to become state-certified and to maintain their state certification.

Get the state-accredited training you need to become a certified CHW through the Pennsylvania Certification Board

Participate in a training program near where you live—training is offered at various locations across Pennsylvania

Learn about local community resources you will need to help individuals and families and meet representatives from community organizations

Earn continuing education credits through PA AHEC to maintain your CHW state certification


Educators: Teachers, Advisors, Faculty

PA AHEC helps educators learn more about health careers, how to assist students in pursuing health careers, and ways to connect with clinical training sites.

Learn more about health careers through shadowing programs organized through PA AHEC

Become familiar with early admission and accelerated degree programs and how students apply and qualify for them

Learn more about scholarships, loans, and loan forgiveness programs and how students apply and qualify for them

Connect your students with clinical training sites through PA AHEC


Health Care Professionals

PA AHEC offers live and virtual continuing education, connections to practice-based research, and opportunities to train the next generation of health care professionals.

Earn continuing education credits through PA AHEC’s live, virtual, and on-demand continuing education programs

Stay up-to-date with the latest practice-based research findings through PA AHEC

Invest in the future of health care by working with PA AHEC to train the next generation of health care professionals


Communities, Patients and Caregivers

PA AHEC health educators are trained to teach Mental Health First Aid. Smoking cessation and diabetes prevention classes also are available in some regions.

Recognize and know what to do and say during a mental health crisis by becoming certified in Mental Health First Aid through PA AHEC

Refer yourself, a friend, or family member to Freedom From Smoking and Diabetes Prevention Programs offered by some regional PA AHEC Centers

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