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PA Training Center for Health Equity

Established in 2021, the PA AHEC Training Center for Health Equity provides resources, tools, and training to advance health equity. 

What Is Health Equity?

Achieving health equity means that everyone has the opportunity to be their healthiest self. It also means that no one is stopped from achieving their full health potential because of race, gender, location, or other social factors. When talking about equity it is important to note the difference between equity and equality. The picture below demonstrates this difference, with the top photo showing that everyone has equal access to the same bike. As we can quickly see, while they all have access to the same resource, the bike does not fit the needs of each individual. The bottom photo demonstrates equity, where each person's needs have been taken into consideration and they have all received the resources they need to participate. 


Learn More about Health Equity in PA 

Use the links below to learn more about the importance of health equity and what our training center is doing across the state of PA.

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Priorities and Resources

Making health equity a priority in your community can help everyone, and there are resources that can help you get started.

PA AHEC Training and Education Programs

Explore opportunities to promote health equity and receive training for health professionals.

Health Inequities in PA 

Learn more about the current state of health equity in PA.

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