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Virtual PA AHEC SEARCH Academy Explores Different Health Careers Each Month

Pennsylvania high school students can explore a variety of health careers through Pennsylvania AHEC’s monthly virtual SEARCH Academy, running October through April.

Each session includes a panel discussion and Q&A with health professionals in the featured health career and a hands-on activity related to that career. The sessions are free and are offered from 6:30-8pm the second Monday of the month.

Dates and health careers for the 2022-23 school year are:

  • Oct. 10: Physicians

  • Nov. 14: Occupational and Physical Therapies

  • Dec. 12: Nursing

  • Jan. 9: Mental Health

  • Feb. 13: Dental Health

  • Mar. 13: Sports Medicine and Athletic Training

  • Apr. 17: Advanced Practice Providers (Physician Assistants and Nurse Practitioners)

Registration is now open. Parent/guardian permission is required for students to participate.


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