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New Leader Takes Reins at Pennsylvania AHEC

Updated: Nov 4, 2021

N. Benjamin Fredrick, MD, took over as Program Director of Pennsylvania AHEC on July 1. In this role, he is setting statewide strategic objectives, overseeing program development and evaluation, developing new and nurturing existing collaborative relationships, focusing on financial stability and sustainable program growth, and championing health equity and health career pathway initiatives.

Dr. Fredrick is a Professor of Family and Community Medicine, Public Health Sciences, and Humanities at Penn State College of Medicine. He is the founding director of the Global Health Scholars Program, is starting a new Health Equity Scholars Program that is integrated with PA AHEC’s Scholars Program, and is the Doctors Kienle Chair of Humane Medicine.

As a first-generation college graduate, Dr. Fredrick is particularly sensitive to the challenges that many students encounter when trying to traverse the pathways to higher education and health professions education. Previously, Dr. Fredrick was PA AHEC’s Associate Program Director for Health Equity.

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