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Dr. Bob Gabbay to Speak on Type 2 Diabetes Weight Management Treatment Options

Pennsylvania AHEC is pleased to announce that Dr. Bob Gabbay will present a webinar on the latest treatment options for Type 2 diabetes with a weight focus on March 27 from noon to 1pm.

Pennsylvania primary care providers may remember Dr. Gabbay as the diabetes expert in Pennsylvania’s statewide Chronic Care Initiative. Dr. Gabbay is now the chief scientific and medical officer for the American Diabetes Association.

The webinar will compare the mechanisms of action and present the latest evidence, efficacy, and safety for Type 2 diabetes treatments recommended for patients with concurrent need for weight loss. Dr. Gabbay will discuss modifying treatment plans to incorporate newer therapies, key counseling points, and monitoring therapy. He will present two patient cases for discussion.


Register through Clinical Care Options for the March 27 webinar.

Registration also is available for a May 22 webinar on improving shared decision-making in Type 2 diabetes.


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