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PA AHEC Offers State-Certified Community Health Worker Training

Updated: Sep 2, 2021

Pennsylvania AHEC offers a state-certified, community-based Community Health Worker (CHW) training program that prepares individuals to be certified CHWs under the Pennsylvania Certification Board.

CHWs assist individuals in connecting to health care and community resources, navigating the health care system, learning how to manage health care conditions, arranging transportation, securing health insurance, and addressing socioeconomic, behavioral, and health care needs. They are a vital link between health care providers and high-need, hard-to-reach individuals and families, because they live and work in the communities they serve.

PA AHEC’s 100-hour CHW training program offers base training on communicating and networking, personal safety and wellness, healthy boundaries, building and maintaining relationships, patient privacy, documentation, cultural and health literacy, motivational interviewing, preventive care, accident prevention, chronic diseases, health insurance benefits, opioid use disorder, and tobacco cessation.

For more information on regional training programs or to request a group training program, go to


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