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PA AHEC Seeking Employer Partners for CHW Apprenticeship Program

With Medicare and Medicaid reimbursements on the horizon for services provided by Community Health Workers (CHWs), now may be a good time for organizations to consider hiring CHWs to assist patients/clients in accessing needed health and human services.


Organizations hiring new-to-the-field CHWs can provide a full year of professional development to their CHWs by participating in Pennsylvania AHEC’s new state registered CHW Apprenticeship Program. Throughout the year, apprentices receive CHW training from Pennsylvania AHEC, structured on-the-job training, and intentional mentorship and supervision. At the end of the year, apprenticeship graduates will be qualified to be certified by the Pennsylvania Certification Board. Certification is expected to be a requirement for CHW services to be reimbursed.


Please be in touch with PA AHEC Program Manager Amanda Taylor Gehman for information on the PA AHEC CHW Apprenticeship Program.


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