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Pennsylvania Rural Homelessness Listening Session: March 3

The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) is holding a virtual listening session on Thursday, March 3, from 1-3pm that is designed to increase the understanding of challenges unique to rural homelessness in Pennsylvania.

Strategies for addressing homelessness that work well in urban areas may not be effective in rural communities. Resources and infrastructure for providing emergency homeless services and for addressing the underlying causes of homelessness are often scarce. The listening session aims to raise awareness of issues impacting homelessness in rural counties or communities to help target federal, state and local resources appropriately.

HUD is hosting the listening session in collaboration with other federal, state, and local partners, including the U.S. Department of Agriculture Rural Development and Pennsylvania Department of Community and Economic Development.

Please be prepared to discuss:

  • The biggest challenges for rural homelessness in your county, especially as they relate to transportation, employment, and access to services and the Internet.

  • Ways in which your community has creatively addressed rural homelessness.

Advance registration is required. Registration is open until March 1. Registrants will receive instructions via e-mail on how to join the listening session.

Another virtual listening session is being planned for March 17 that focuses on connecting resources to rural counties in eastern and central Pennsylvania. For more information, contact Lyn Kirshenbaum, HUD’s Regional Homeless Coordinator via email or at 215-430-6695.


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