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Statewide Tobacco-Free Recovery Virtual Conference: Oct. 6

The Pennsylvania Statewide Tobacco-Free Recovery Initiative is holding a virtual conference from 12-3:30pm on Oct. 6 on tobacco use disorder interventions in Pennsylvania’s behavioral health services. The conference is presented in collaboration with the PA Dept. of Health and PA Dept. of Human Services.

In addition to the physical health benefits of reducing or eliminating tobacco use, research suggests that treatment​ for tobacco use may ​also increase long-term abstinence from substances, including opioids. ​

The PA Dept. of Health launched a new media campaign in July 2022 promoting tobacco-free recovery and encouraging people who are living with mental illness and substance use disorders to seek treatment for tobacco use.

The conference features two nationally known speakers on tobacco-free recovery:

  • Joe Guydish, PhD, Professor of Medicine and Health Policy at the University of California at San Francisco School of Medicine.

  • Jill Williams, MD, Professor of Psychiatry and Director of the Division of Addiction Psychiatry at Rutgers University Robert Wood Johnson Medical School.


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